Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Tolerance....what a word! As mentioned in my profile....I am quite a hot head but soft at heart.

During the past month or so, I have learnt to rely a lot on "Tolerance". Tolerance has turned into a great friend to me.....Tolerance was there during my times of need ( the need to wallop someone named after an animal that people of the Muslim faith consider taboo ). So much so that to me Tolerance has taken on a visual form......a feminine and sexy form...okkkkkkk! so much for Tolerances' thing you will be asking me if Tolerance is fully clothe and what are her bloody vital statistics and if I have had sex with her before....sheeeesh!

Seriously, I need to thank the Lord for changing the temperamental aspect of my behaviour ( compared to when I was schooling ). No doubt, I am still a hot head...that I do not deny BUT at least now I will think it over before getting myself into an argument. That and also coupled with the fact that I have 2 wonderful boys and a beautiful wife has also automatically kept my temper in check.

My problem is that of late, I feel that I am slowly but surely loosing my self control......maybe my brain needs a shock treatment to lead it back on track or some drastic reprogramming asap. I think the world bloody world knows that I hate this particular guy's guts like hell, even the very sight of him makes me take an about turn and walk the other way. God knows that I have tried my best to avoid the particular MF ( translated as "Motherfu&ker )......arrrrg! but he keeps popping up in front of my face! aiyooooooooo!

Please understand that I am not blaming this MF....its not his fault that he was born with a MF face, not his fault that he has a high pitched shit tone irritating sort of voice thats sound like someone who is talking out of his arse and its surely not his fault for accidentally irritating me every freaking bloody time! Its mine! Its all my fault! My greatest concern is that someday I might also accidentally call on the Taekwondo 4th Dan Black Belt in me to confront the then it will be too late! Please understand that I am not showing off or anything like that.....I feel the need to write this post because its very important ( to me ) at this particular point in time. Trust me, I know what the repercussions are if I were to take a swing at the MF.

Maybe its time for me to sign up for an Anger Management course or get myself immersed in some therapedic treatment or just take leave and go somewhere for a change of atmosphere. Whatever the choice may be, I must first go for a confession session before anything else....hehehehehehe.

Anyway, 2every1 his/her own and maybe...just maybe.....I might treat everyone to a non sactioned title fight....who knows? Only time will tell.

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