Saturday, September 06, 2008

Forest Research Institut Malaysia ( FRIM )

Went to Forest Research Institut Malaysia ( FRIM ) in Ulu Kepong today...after about 10 odd years of no visit..

My goodness, the place has changed a lot....changed for the better no doubt...

Entrance to FRIM cost RM5 per vehicle and RM1 per person which is used for the upkeep of the area. Must admit that the landscaping is superb and amenities are excellent.

Wanted to go for the Jungle Canopy Walk...a 20 meter high x 200m long walkway located in the Bukit Lagong Forest Reserve but heavy rain put a damper on our plans.

Ended up by taking the family to Sungai Kroh Waterfall for some fun in the rain and a picnic lunch.

Below are some photographs that was taken at the was poor ( lucky I brought my f2.8 along ) and I forgot to bring my tripod ( must remember next time ) resulting in handheld shots under trying conditions..aaaargg!! therefore, please excuse the quality of the photographs..

I have already planned my next trip there for some picnicking and nature photography.

Click here ( MAP )for instructions to FRIM

2 every1 his/her OWN..........................


Bernie said...

Looked like it was a fun trip :)

Despite living so close to the place, I've never been there myself. Probably need to go visit it in the near future.

Jamie said...

its a very nice place to relax and unwind me..nothing beats the feeling of being one with nature not forgetting the chance to capture some nice pics.

maybe we make a trip there together in the coming weeks? just u and me and our cameras...what say u?

Marsha M said...

i wanna take the kids there too...but i saw the map but made no sense of it wor. you can give me detailed instructions from my place can? maybe one of the end of the year weekends when I can tell my clients to go fook themselves for a bit while I enjoy myself.

Jamie said...

instructions from your place? no problem...its actually very very easy to locate. Just give me a call before your planned trip.

MochaSourcream said...

wahh nice nice piczz!!!

been there b4 once...long time ago... heheh didnt know there got Jungle Canopy Walk. will check it out someday.

Jamie said...

mochasourcream: thanks bro. must really do the Jungle Canopy walk lar...I also missed the thingy because of the dang rain...sheeeessh!!