Monday, September 29, 2008


Been here since the 23rd Sept...with NO BLARDIE internet!!! the "net was finally enabled today, hence my first post since the date of my departure from BolehLand.

On the whole, the country here is much better than Dubai or Abu Dhabi...the people here are friendler, more helpful and courteous...

Even the Dalkia Bahrain staffs are better in the sense that they show a common interest to complete the task at hand..not like in another of our Mid East Project. With that said, I am very confident that our people here will not be having a tough time executing what is needed of them.


-Weather is a tad on the hot, warm and burning side
-I would give them a thumbs up
-Basic amenities adequate
-Net service like shit!!
-Satelite TV GREAT!!!! ( even can receive adult channels...just require a bit of receiver hacking....which was done oledi on our unit..kekekekekkeeke )
-Tourism..not much to see
-Cars...damn kaukau cun cars...will buy a Ford Mustang GT if I am permanently based here...lucky I am not..
-Superbikes...cheaper than in BolehLand
-Girls....mostly Ninjas but one can get some good glimpse of some Lebanese and Syirian beauties at the local Malls
-Exchange rate against RM is foooooooking RM10 to Bahrain Dinar 1..HVUCK!!!
-Working hours during the Ramadhan is 8.00am to 2.00pm only...imagine that!!

Didn't take any good pictures because I did not bring my DSLR but brought my landfill cam instead. Took soem general pictures and some at the F1 track....which I will post once back in BolehLand.

Well, my best wishes to all that will be posted here with the assurance of my support whenever u guys/gals need it.

Neways, will pen off for now....still got plenty of emails to read and reply ( 237 in all )..

2 every1 his/her OWN.................



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genius said...

eh.......... about the satellite thing, sure?

please put it in my room. thanks.

Jamie said...

genius: its in your room oledi with 60 inch LCD TV...good? rememeber to buy lots of toilet paper..kekekkeke