Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Hydro Fuel - Hype or Fact?

Much has been said about the petrol price hike and a lot has also been said about the touted Hydro Fuel System which promises a savings of up to 40-50% of ones petrol consumption.

For report and pics read here , On where to install Hydro Fuel read here

Personally. I find this a better solution that NGV in the sense that one does not need to locate "special" petrol stations for a filling....and the long queue. I cannot imagine asking my wife to queue up for 30 minutes just to refill the NGV tank which in turn will only give about 120-140km per tankful ( depending on the way you drive )....KNN, the way I drive I will only get 50kms on the NGV lar.

Was chatting with some buddies of mine who are in the car modofication/racing sector about Hydro Fuel. Hydro Fuel...what is hydro fuel? how does it work?

Hydro Fuel Sysytem is a process that utilizes Hydrogen Gas in water H2O to supplement the usage of petrol. In theory, it is supposed to create a better burning and a more effective combustion process......

IN SHORT : hydrogen+less fule usage+better combustion process = savings and a cleaner enviroment

A typical set up of the Hydro Fuel is such:

The hydrogen is separated from water by way of electrolisis. A Positive ( + ) and Negative ( - ) charged rod ( sourced from the vehicle's battery unit ) is dipped into the water ( H2O ) to separate the hydrogen from the oxygen.

The Hydrogen is then channelled to the carburator/injector by way of piping which has a connection to the vehicle's vacuum pipe thus allowing the mixture of hydrogen and petrol to give everyone the touted savings.

Just for the heck of it, me and my buddies built a crude but workable hydrofuel unit. The "ingredients" used are as below:

- 1 unit of 2 litre airtight plastic bottle which was inserted in the boot compartment and secured properly
- 2 car lenghts of flexible pipings ( the ones used for aquarium air bubbles )
- 1 check valve/ one way valve
- 1 tee joint to be inserted in the vacuum pipe
- 2 car lenghts of electrical wires. This is for the + and - rods.

The test donkey was my buddy's chief mechanic's 1998 Honda Civic. For the record, the bugger was fucking us like hell...kekekeke. He only agreed after my buddy promised to bear all the cost of repair if his engine blew up ( my buddy owns one of the more famous car modification workshops in Sunway area ).

Our only issue was that we did not have a way to regulate the amount of hydrogen into the vacuum intake....the hydrogen produced by the electrolisis was not that much an amount to create a pressure build up in the plastic tank. We were stumped and ended up by saying "to hell with it lar"

We started the donkey and filled her up with a full tank and passed her back to her owner for his daily use.

This is the result ( not verified by SIRIM or any shit establishment ) after about 2 fillings of petrol:

Before the DIY Hydrofuel : 1km = RM0.35, after the DIY thingy = 1km = RM RM 0.33, resulting in a savings of approx 5%.

It is not known if the above results are true because the results were obtained verbally from the Mechanic only. We also did not have proof as to how much his car was running before the installation. Therefore, it is up to you guys/gals to judge for yourselves how good is the Hydrofuel and will it work at all.

For the records, the commercialized Hydro Fuel System is selling for RM1,300 and RM2,300 ( with some Smart Fuel Saver thingy ) respectively.....use Hydro Fule and still require a smart fuel saver thingy? go figure......kekekekekeke

Disclaimer:The views of this post is of the author's only and has no representation of any intent whatsoever

2 every1 his/her OWN.............................

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