Thursday, September 04, 2008

Watching the "Show"

To tell you guys the truth, there has never been a time in my working life that made me "wash my hands" and watch the "show" from the sidelines...except in this particular instance....

It all started with my company securing a Middle East project....for the sake of blogging, we name this project the BB Project lar.

With that said, I must personally thank the person who sent me there....thank the bugger for giving me the chance to have a personal feel for the project, for the people who are involved, for a feel of the culture, for a feel of the owners, etc. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU...I can never ever say enough of THANK YOUs to this guy.

My personal conclusion is this:

1) This project is doomed for failure because of the incompetency of the person(s) in charge ( blardie pariahs ). The two fuckers know nuts about how to handle a project, know nuts about manpower allocation, know nuts about procedures, know nuts about basis of claims, know nuts about basically everything...and they have the freaking balls to request for the sky and moon.

2) The staff allocation for this project is like fuck. In one of my past projects, we had a 30 strong manpower allocation for a RM40 million project and we were working our balls off to meet the deadline. This project has a value of RM155 and the sohais expect to complete the whole thing with a skeletal staff count of 10 at the max....what a bunch of motherfucking sohais.

3) The two personnel that my company designated for this project also know nuts. As much as I would like to mention their names or even pen down their initial, I can't and will not. I know that a lot of the readers of my blog ( colleagues ) know which two sohais that I am talking about.

One nut job is a motormouth...talks non stop like he is Mr. Know-All but in actual fact he know nuts about the implemented System that we have in place. I will castrate myself if this motherfucker can handle this project on his own effort and not take credit for things that people do....his favourite phrase is exactly like the person who leads this project, which is "I DO FOR YOU WAN" but in actual fact its other people who did it....fucking sonofabitch!!!

Nut job number two is a gangly sonofabitch who also know nuts. The sohai works behind a desk the whole fucking day, won't even go to site if there is any problem, never handled a project before in his miserable life, takes credit for things that people do and acts like Mr. Know-All as well. Needless to say that this sonofabitch is also a useless and worthless bitch.

I for one, will accept any bets from anyone with the odds of 100 to 10 that this project WILL be delayed ( minimum of 9 months ) and WILL LOSE money ( as opposed to the RM14 million that they are targeting to make ). Any takers?

The downside of winning my bets is that my company will end up posting a loss for this project which in turn WILL affect our year end bonuses and increments ( not that passed years records are anything to shout about )...

My stand still remains...."Stand aside and watch the SHOW" and to the motherfuckers that are handling this project ( W,M,S & Z ) FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKHEADS, SHOW US HOW TO DIE AND ROT IN HELL!!!!!!


And before I forget, let me put this down in writing as proof and record..."If ever I see the motherfucking pariah named Sathis Kumar in Malaysia, I will make it my personal mission to whack the shit out of him" or my name isn't TJ...who knows..maybe I will whack the two sohais from my company as well just for the fun of it...kekekekekeke

2 every1 his/her OWN.................


Anonymous said...

i agree on your statement regarding the 2 nuts. Strongly support your statement.
But, company still got other better nuts?

Anonymous said...

Bro, I want to whack the 2 nuts as well. count me in.

Jamie said...

Anon 1: come to think of it bro, the company does not have any better nuts to do this particular job. The two that we sent is the nuttiest of all nuts and are very experienced to help screw up the job faster..waakakaka

Anon 2: guarantee to let u know when the whacking will begin...pls be on standby 24/7 ok?