Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bubba Gump @ The Curve

Took my family for lunch at the Bubba Gump Restaurant at the Curve last Monday ( Wesak Day ).

Had to make a beeline there for two reasons:

1) To make up for Mother's Day lunch which I missed out due to late booking


2) Been to the Buuba Gump Restaurant in Las Angeles last year and was very curious to see if there is any difference between the two in terms of price, service, menus and servings.

My conclusion is this...



The prices they offered was very reasonable, servings was stupendously huge and service was super top notched.

The only setback was the limitation in their menu...a tad different from what was offered in the USA. Maybe some additions are on the way..who knows?

Anyway, let me list down what we had....

My brother ordered the Fish Wich, Isaac and Ivan had the kiddy meal ( Fish & Chips ), Wifey and my mum ( the two mothers ) shared the 4 variety shrimp plate, I ordered the American Burger as well as 3/4 pounds of cajun shrimp as appetizers for everyone. The meal ended with take aways and we couldn't even finish what was on the table...kekekeekeke..the bloody serving was that HUGE ( go there with a super empty stomach!! )

The surprising part was the bill...it only came up to RM239.00 inclusive of tax. That includes the drinks which I forgot to mention...2 Lemon smoothies ( u get to take back the cup with running & blinking lights at the bottom...damn cute!! ), 1 peach Rock & Roll, 1 Orange juice..

Not bad for a 4 adults + 2 kiddies meal huh?

Will surely go back there cos Isaac and Ival has been bugging me non stop ever since that fateful day..

2 every1 his/her OWN.........

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