Thursday, May 08, 2008

Proton Saga BLM

1st of May = Labour Day

1st of May = Collected the new car which I bought for my Dad, the new Proton Saga BLM ( dunno what the hell it stands for ). Took the full spec version which costed me RM39,998.00, silver coloured as Dad is not a person to always wash his ride.

Placed the order about 1 month back with a waiting period of 6 months ( sicko wait!! ). Well, knowing me and my level of patience I immediately asked my brother to pull some strings in order to get the car faster. Managed to get it after about 1+ month which includes a few calls to the Proton's MD office ( pity Datuk's Personal Assistant, Puan Sabrina...kekeke ).

I consider the Proton Saga BLM a nice and nifty car to drive, it has a good power to weight ratio, handling has been improved but the main thing that surprised me the most was the spaciousness of its interior cabin. It can seat 4 adults comfortably with enough horses left to keep with the pace of normal traffic. Just for your info, I crammed the test car with 4 adults and 2 kids during the test drice session and still managed a reasonable 120 km/h cruising speed. Bumps and road unevenness have been very well addressed by the new and revamped absorber system. Brakes system installed are disc for front and drum for rear which is more than adequate for a compact car.

Took the car for a polish and thereon to a tinting job the next day, below are some pics of the detailing...

All in all, its a safe and able means of transport to ferry my kids and mum to school. At least I can have peace knowing that the chances of receiving breakdown calls from my dad with this new car is greatly reduced as opposed to his 15 year old Kancil clunker..hehehehe.

The next mission for me is to take a drive up to my hometown in Penang and gauge its performance for long distance travelling. No doubt it will not be as comfortable as my Chevvy but I think it will hold its own...

2 every1 his/her OWN............

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