Friday, May 02, 2008

My Nikon D80 DSLR

Finally took the decision to jump back onto the band wagon of my fav past time...


Was actively pursuing it until work related commitments made me give it up. My previous camera was a Canon A-1 film based SLR ( Single Lens Reflect ) which can still be used but I thought of getting a new fangled DSLR ( Digital Single Lens Reflect ) camera to compliment the Canon A-1.

I like to take all kinds of photographs.....stills, potraits, macros, animals, insects, you name it and chances are that I have shot the frame before.

So, it was to no surprise of Wifey when she caught me browsing thru the net, looking at reviews and forums of DSLRs...and it was also to no surprise of mine when she asked me the fateful question one sunny day...with a smirk on her face she said..

"Whats up with you darling? Long time never see you use your Canon liao woh? Looking to start again I see....which model are you contemplating this time round?"

My answer was a simple " just browsing the net only ma, see what my old kakis are up to"

"Yeah, right!!" was her lovely reply...kekekekeke

Took my family to 1 Utama yesterday on the pretext of taking the kids out for a walk ( Labour Day ) but in reality I was on the hunt...hunt for a DSLR...I think Wifey could read my mind because she had on this funny smile from the start....hehehehe, this is what marriage will do to you...after a while it gets telephatic KNN.

Bought some Speed Racer toys for my two monkeys and walked around for a was then when Wifey siad this to me "Darling, let me take the kids for a meal or something, give me a ring when you have decided on which camera to buy"..I was like "???" YAAAAHOOOOOOOOO and uttered an "OK" with the straightest face that I could muster in light of the given situation..

I hurried to one of the Camera shops on level 3 that I have secretly dropped by a few times the past week and got myself a Nikon D80 ( pic below, review at ) DSLR.

I admit that I might have to spend more for some extra lenses because of the non compatibility of my existing Canon lens but what the heck!! Nikon make fabulous lenses as well...Canon has its IS system ( Image Stabilizing ) wherelse Nikon has it VR ( Vibration Control )...maybe can get some 3rd party lens ( Sigma, Tamron, etc ) during my impending trip to Japan this June.

All in all I spent RM3,600 which I paid in cash because the bugger wanted to charge my 2.5% extra if I use my plastic..KNN.

What I got was this:

Nikon D80 x 1 unit
18mm-135mm lens x 1 unit
2 pcs of 2 gb SD card
1 unit of UV filter
Screen Protector x 1
Nikon Tripod x 1
Nikon camera bag x 1

I still find the D80 quite user friendly eventhough the camera has been in the market for about 2 years plus. I admit that specification wise it is not comparable with the Canon 40 but neither is the price.

As of today, I am still fiddling with the operational features of the D80 to familiarize myself with Nikon's user interface. Hope that I can start posting some pictures very, very soon.....

Lastly, my sincerest thanks to Wifey for understanding me...THANK YOU...

2 every1 his/her OWN....................


genius said...

man, you are lucky. i cant even get my lumix fz18 :(

want to change a gf now :)

Jamie said...

bro, no need to change gf la......just buy first and be prepared for hell....last time I also like that until my wife give up...kekekekeke. After a while it becomes like, not seeking approval but telling you that I am going to get it..

Jamie said...

I must also thank my cousin, Bernie, for his valuable advise given to me during my hunt for a suitable DSLR..Thanks a lot cuz..

Marsha M said...

cool, man! But I still very happy with my one-stop-shop ael-cheapo Nikon. I also partial towards Nikon for some unknown reason eventhough it's not the high-end stuff.

Eh, why buggers these days want customers to absorb the cost of using credit cards wan ah?? Idiots. They should absorb the cost mah, right?

Jamie said...

i know that the card companies take about 2-4 weeks to pay the merchants from the date of purchase but I dunno why the merchants resort to charging the cunsumers...u were in the banking line before cuz, maybe there's something new afoot that is forcing the merchants to do that OR it has just become the norm OR the really sell us at rock bottom price until they cannot afford to pay for the "convenience" interest charged by the banks.....the truth is I am quite perplexed by all this shit. Maybe you should write a post about this thingy cuz...