Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Uniquely Singapore

Back to Singapore after countless years since my last visit to the Republic....last visit was when I was 5 years old ( thank God ).

Can't really comment on the changes because I do not have any recollection of the K-land of years gone by but noticed that the K culture ( as commented by many ) is quite rampant here ( K = Kiasu ).

There is no difference in looks of people here in Kiasu Land compared with Bolehland as we were a part of each other during days bygone....dressing wise the chicks here look quite nice and presentable, some even down right stunning! I understand from some K-Land friends that 95% of the chicks here are quite materialistic in nature.......$$$$$$ sign thats precedence above all else....hehehehe...meaning which if you've got the dough, you've got the cunt.....its not fair for me to comment on this matter because I have no plans to tackle any Singaporean chicks at the moment or in the near future.

Just to let you guys know that I got pissed off 5 minutes after stepping out from the plane. I happily went to one of the Duty Free establishments with the intention of purchasing a carton of cigs for my own consumption. The Sales girl denied my purchase and told me that Singaporean law does not allow anyone to bring in any cigs into the country...WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with this country? Upon inquiring further, they told me that there are special earmarked zones for smoking....have to smoke inside a yellow box if its inside a building...WHAT KINDA SOHAI rule is this? Does it mean that if I smoke inside a "so called" yellow zone the smoke does not transmit to the clean zone thru the atmosphere? Might as well stop all the traffic in K-Land loh.....breathing Carbon Monoxide is much more damaging on the lungs maaaa...Holy Mother Of God!

I was also informed that they have legalised prostitution here....HAHAAHAHA. Stop the public from smoking and encourage rampant sex....tiunyaseng! What a country...I 110% tabik la....

I have to end my lamblasting of Kiasu Land right now as there are still lotsa funny rules and regulation that exist here which cannot be written down as it will take up too much espace and time.

The quote "UNIQUELY SINGAPORE" really explains about the piece of land that was formerly known as a part of Malaya. Thank God they chose to fuck off without being asked to leave.....not bad huh? for a "Re-pubic" that still has to buy water from Bolehland..........HAHAHAHAHAHA

2 every1 his/her OWN.....................


genius said...

haha, kiasu land

it's full of jokers like the bolehland.

Jamie said...

Addendum (1) :

I forgot to write that KiasuLand has a kind of newfangled water they call "NEW" Water. Upon inquiring further about this NEW Water, I found out that its actually recycled water from Shit wonder so Kiasu and Full Of Shit! Who wouldn't be Full Of Shit of one keep pouring loads of Shit Water down ones throat? **NEWSFLASH** New Water is now known as SHIT WATER. BTW, I also left some shit behind in KiasuLand for them to process and did Genius..HAHAHAHAHAAHA!!!

marsha said... me something to think about and think about liao.

But actually, Kiasuland is really.....UNIQUE.

Jamie said...

marsha : yup....really unique in its own way..HAHAHAHAHAHA. Not surprised if they use processsed soya sauce from shit next!