Saturday, October 27, 2007


Firstly, I would like to apologise to all my fellow bloggers for not being able to blog hop as much as I would have wanted.........quite busy of late….sorry!

Some events in the past few weeks has prompted me to come out of hibernation to write this post.
Been reading quite a number of cases in the newspapers of children missing, found dead, dismembered and some sexually abused and assaulted…..CHILDREN!!!!!

What has this world come to? Is this the BolehLand spirit? Kidnapping and sexually assaulting kids before killing them? WTF?!!

I sometimes wonder what is the cause for all this violence…is it because of The Internet ( as claimed by the powers that be in BolehLand ) OR influence of external cultures OR brought back by those studying or working abroad OR deviance in beliefs and religions, etc.

They must be off their blooming rockers if they think I am going to kill some kid just because I surf the net and travel regularly ( for that matter, most of the people I know ).

Why don’t they open their eyes and take a closer look huh?

Can it be because some people is living with too many constraints from religion or teachings ( KNN, I am going into a filed full of land mines here )…cannot do this la, cannot do that la, have to cover up la, have to get married before sex la, etc la.

Can it be that sex craved perverts and born and bred by such restrictions?

Personally, I don’t know, am not sure but………….

Human nature is such….the more someone is denied something, the more he/she finds excitement in it…I may be biased in making the statement but please take note that the statement refers to HUMAN NATURE and not races.

Some people of a certain kind like to gamble, drink and borrow money from Ah Loongs,

Some like to drink, be merry and wallop their wives when they feel like it,

Some like to rape their own daughters, sisters, mum in laws, mother despite of the “teachings” they claim they adhere to.

Whoever it may be, I just hope that they get the same punishment that they dish out…..let them feel how its like to be rape ( daily cases ) , cut their fingers off one by one ( recent case ), shove cucumbers and brinjals up their anal cavity ( recent case ), blown their worthless shit bodies up with dynamite ( on going case ), and throw away their dismembered body parts ( recent case ). FUCK THEM and all the undiscovered perverts out there….I hope you rot in hell.

I sincerely hope that I can lie on my deathbed with the knowledge that I have tried my best ( however insignificant that it may be ) to make this world a better place for my children and their childrens’ children.

2 every1 his/her OWN……………….


Judy said...

Aiyoh, this time Jamie really had enough of the rubbish happening in the world.

Yes, of course, we ask ourselves many times, "What is this world coming to?"

Statistic shows that most of these people who commit such crimes were themselves victims of such despicable acts.

It's a vicious circle. Who do they seek help from? How to keep our own children safe from such people?

Who has the answers?

Jamie said...

yeah judy, maybe it a vicious taking into account of circles, do you think that the on going violence can be addressed using violence?

marsha said...

jamie, I cannot agree with you....more! I hate reading the papers these days because of all these inhumane cases. INHUMANE. Lions eat baby cubs but human beings are superior. we are not supposed to kill each other or eat each other up.

and I agree with the reasoning of 'the more you deny them, the more they want'. If you're a girl, you will know. You want to trap a guy, play hard-to-get, right? And when a culture or reeleejen denies their followers of their right and freedom, this is the thing that happens lah, rite?

I dunno's hard to say, you know. but the world is becoming sadder and sadder these days and I fear for our kids. what kind of world are we leaving behind for them to inherit ah?

but i believe that as long as people like you and me do our best to educate our kids properly, we have done our part and they will live in the 'better' part of the world.

Jamie said...

Amen to that dear cuz.....Amen to that....

Terence Toh said...

that was an awesome goal tevez scored yesterday

Jamie said...

yeah, it was coupled with a freaking kaukau rebound. I kinda like Rooney's snap shot better.....damn powerful.

Long Live Man Utd!!!!