Thursday, October 04, 2007

Sports Kitten

The Toyota Sera was a two door coupe (2+2) built by Toyota solely for the Japanese market in the early 1990s, although enthusiasts in New Zealand, Bangladesh, India, Ireland, Australia, Canada, and the UK have since imported a handful of them. It was initially revealed as the Toyota AXV-II concept car in 1988, and was shown in almost production-ready form. The word Sera is a French word meaning "will be" which answers to the question why the car's design, shape and stock butterfly doors are so close to features of a concept car. The styling and layout of the car was actually beyond its time when it was actually put into production.

( Does anyone know the owner of this Toyota Sera? )
The Sera EXY-10 was available with a 1.5 L inline 4 engine. It came with either 4 speed automatic or a 5 speed manual transmission with Anti-Lock Braking system as an option. Only 15852 units were made between 1990 to 1996 and therefore, now becoming a rare collectible. The car is related to the Toyota Paseo, and shares similar floorpans, suspension, steering and brakes.

Toyota Sera's most distinctive feature is its butterfly doors, which open forward and up from the bottom and top of the A pillar (similar to the McLaren F1 and Saleen S7). The weight of the door is supported by a thick gas strut, but there is a balance system to help take into account changes in temperature inside the door. The door can be opened fully in a fairly confined space - only 43 cm clearance on either side of the car is needed, unlike the conventional doors on most cars.

(Look at the registration number again...still dunno the owner?)

( What about from the rear? Come on guys/gals...should know by now cause the rear resembles the owner's rear ma )

( Must admit that's some sexy looking 16" coupled to some serious low rubbers )

One drawback of the car is the large amount of glass that can create a solar load greenhouse effect inside the car causing interior temperatures to soar. All Seras came as standard with air conditioning to offset this problem, and the advantage of the design is that a passenger seating in any of the four body hugging seats can enjoy incredible visibility to the front and sides (and above!) compared to most small coupes. Due to the overwhelming amount of glass the body is not very rigid. This lack of rigidity affects the handling characteristics with body roll

( I HATE EVERTON....AARRRRRGG!!!!! A Footy Club for Gays. I am gonna break his rear windshield one of these days...hehehhehehe )

For the record, the Owner of the Sera in question is one hell of a nice bugger.....a tad on the "hamsap" side but an ok guy on the hole....errrr...whole. Pity that he is working for some sohai company...hope he finds somewhere better to go instead of working with arseholes ( some V.I.P's son )

As to the Sera, its 2 every1 his/her OWN...................


genius said...

please break the real windshield for me. thanks. arsenal is the best of the best.

Jamie said...

come to think of it, I will break the rear windshield, front windshield and four side glass at one go....kekekeke

Jamie said...

My fav is Man United bro...but they are wearing red like Arsenal.....better than some blue coloured gay club...HAHHAHAHA