Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why Semi...WHY???

Read in the newspapers that Semi Value wants to ban superbikers from using the highway because a few of them overtook the worthless bastard at 160 km/h during his Sunday drive to the prostitute den…HAHAHAHAHHAAHA. Wonder if the wind blew his best of the best fake wiggy off in the process? If not, why is getting so worked up just because some poor souls overtook him?

( Even a cute baby is giving you the finger la dear Semi )

Why only ban Superbikers for that matter?

That day I saw some Protons, Peroduas, Toyotas, Mitsubishis, Hondas, Isuzus, Land Rovers, BMWs, Mercs, Jags, Rolls, etc…traveling at more than the stipulated speed limit…BAN them as well la semi value!!!

Kaninabeh…what the hell is wrong with this worthless piece of crap they call Semi Value? I sometimes wonder what his scope of work entails him to do?

1) Sit behind his desk everyday thinking of ways to “makan” money
2) Spend his free time thinking of ways how to carry the balls of our sohais all at the expenses of non sohais like us
3) Thinking of ways to make the public pay for his family’s daily and future expenses
4) Looking thru the net to find a wig made of pig hair cause his present of made of sohai hair is falling apart
5) How to live forever and ever and ever and ever and ever
6) How to make “toddy” legal
7) How to screw a Bollywood actress
8) How to speak Malay and English without sounding like he is speaking Tamil
9) How to speak properly without sounding like he has got his father’s balls in his mouth

Hey, Semi Value….the other day I saw a bicyclist pedaling faster than your parents could drive….BAN the poor bastard too la.
I admit that there are a lot of “crack” superbikers out there BUT for everyone of the cracks there is 10 responsible superbikers to even things out. To blame the lot just because of some bad apples is like to say that everyone of semi value race is a rapist, drunkard and corrupted son of bitches….which is not fair right? We cannot blame all of them just because semi value is like that…the same goes for the speed freaks as well.

I ride a superbike myself and I sometimes ride at 200 km/h but that doesn’t mean that I ride recklessly as there have been instances when driver of cars are worse.

Based on the above, how can we equate things? I believe that for every bad apple, there are 10 good ones out there to compensate and balance out the equilibrium AND one bad apple does not really spoil the whole basketful and opposed to normal thinking.

Why don’t you just roll over, shrivel up and die la Semi Value...or dress in drag and go fuck your car’s exhaust pipe la… ( the below pic will tell you how to do it Semi )
Please remember this Semi, if you plan to ban people who drive/ride fast/slow on highways, you better ban your fucking family and type for being related to you…fucking bastard!!

2 every1 his/her OWN……………..


genius said...

i like the sohai photo fucking the sohai car.

Jamie said...

bro genius, can you photoshop Semi Value face in the last photo ar? Email it to me so that I can post it in cutie's blog...WAAAHAHAHAHAHA

kat said...

And why aren't kapchais banned?? Mat rempits use them to create terror on the streets wat. Oh... I forget, he wasn't the one being terrorised..

your graphics ah.... where in the world did you get them?? LOL

marsha said...

was thinking the same thing as Kat....as in, aim the stupid kapchais lah. the mat rempits danger to the society and themselves mah. but then you know what? superbikers got more money than mat rempits mah. they cannot crack down on the mat rempits, so, they aim the bigger fish lor.

eh FISH, be careful when you're doing 200mph ok?

Judy said...

Jamie oh Jamie, I think you would love to live in UK.

Over here hor, bikers zoom in and out of lanes between cars to cars.

Adverts on tv and radio keep reminding us motorists to watch out for the bikers, implying that the motorists are not careful enough to keep looking in our rear view mirror or side mirror so as not to hit the motorcyclist when he swears in and out. See, the garmen here takes care of bikers.

Jamie said...

kat: got the pics by goggling words like "idiots, bicyclist, etc" and you must have your google filter off in the settings. Try it my friend, guarantee that you will be amazed by what you will see..kekekeke.

You and Marsha have a point about the kapchais aka Mat Rempits. Thats why I always make it a point to smoke them kaukau at traffic lights. I will control my throttle after pulling away to purposely slow down to let them get near to me and down shift to pull away again....the look on their facing and the sounds coming from their screaming engines are well worth it..WAAHAHAHAHAHA

marsha: Thanks for the advice cuz. BTW, this FISH is not doing 200 mph...its 200 km/h...200 mph I'll be on the way to the moon and can become the 2 angkasawan liao.

judy: waaaah..your garmen sooo nice wan ar? I think I better start applying for UK P.R. asap.