Thursday, October 11, 2007

Past, Present & Future

I think many of you have noticed that I have not been updating my blog as regularly nowadays. Reason is that I have been totally bogged down with tons work and hardly have time to blog hop…..let alone blog but I always make it a point to visit all of your blogs everyday no matter how busy I may be ( some consolation huh? )

Happy to say that I finally found me some time to pen down a few words of happenings of the past, present and future…..

Past few weeks have been torturous like hell for me…..workload increased two fold….datelines to meet….schedules to plan…..migitation plans to present…..progress claims to quantify and justify………etc.

Happy to say that despite the extra shit, I have been coping quite well * what with the fasting month and all that jazz ) . I sincerely hope it’s a trend that will maintain itself until the conclusion of this sickening project.

Just recently been told of a project that our team might be required to undertake in the year 2008….a one and a half year project in Abu Dhabi. I am praying ever ynight in the hope that we will be able to secure this job asap. Money/Salary is good……will miss my family like heel though but its for their future and betterment that prompted me to register my name. Work for 1-2 years and I will be a debt free man….house, car and loans will all be fully paid with left over for my kids education. Will be keeping my fingers tightly crossed. ( kat, what’s your answer to my offer if I ever set foot in Abu Dhabi? Once in a while ok la….not everyday ma…I shy wooh..kekekkekee ).

Looks like I will be facing this batch of client again because of another project that will be secured by my company in the very, very, very near future….sheeeesh! Will my nightmare never end? Woe is me!!!!!!

Anyway, that’s the life of a “Jack Of All Trades and Master Of None”

2 every1 his/her OWN…………..


Judy said...

Wow, the money is sooooo good ah. Pay all your debts??

If that is what you want, I hope you will secure your heart's desire. I will pray for you.

Don't cross your fingers too hard lah, painful or not? :P

Jamie said...

thanks for your prayers judy and YES, it is that good and YES, it is quite painful

ThreadBare said...

you know who to call if you need someone to help you, even a tiny bit, ok ? but AD not like Dalian wor....the have capital punishment for anything...

Jamie said...

thanks for the offer threadbare....its good knowing that i can count on you.

ya, AB is totally not like Dalian but are you sure they have capital punishment for everything? die liao la like that...somebody in the team is going to be castrated..kekkeke

kat said...

Can! Come, come! :)

Good that you come alone because housing and schooling takes a huge chunk out of your income. Even better that your company is paying for flights home regularly. Hope you get the job!

Jamie said...

thanks in advance kat!!! for me, its not so much as taking a huge chunk outta my income but its I don't want them to reacclimatise themselves and face uncertainties of readjustment in 2 short years.

I don't mind suffering but I just can't bear to see them in the same playing field as myself.

kat said...

True also. If you aren't away that long, no point uprooting them. It took us a year before deciding to move everyone over (Lim was working here alone for almost a year before we moved). They can always come to visit you, esp during winter when the weather is lovely and cool.

Actually msia is a good place to stay. Esp when you have $$$. Not so fun when you have to earn $$$ there though.. :(
So this is a good opportunity to fill up the ole bank account!! :)

Jamie said...

thats right kat...hahahahaha...trying mybest to fill up ye ole bank account asap...still on the plannning of sending them to Golf Academy ma..kekeeke