Monday, July 23, 2007

Bangkok & Pattaya 2007

Finally back from my into office today and found lotsa shit waiting for me but thats another forum..hehehehe

Happy to say that this holiday cum self exile did me ( and wifey ) good....the trip itself was a splendid one with loads of shopping for wifey ( poor me! )...

DAY 1 ( Wednesday ) - Bangkok
Arrive at the new Swuvarnabhumi ( pronounced without the "i" ) Airport to meet with the local guide there. To my surprise, I was told that the whole tour group consists of only wifey and myself...woooohoooooo...a VIP tour!!!

Proceeded to check in at the D'Ma Pavillion Hotel. Location of hotel ok, within walking distance of a few shopping complexes, The World Trade Centre and a local market. Called up the cabbie which was a friend of my friend to take us around Bangkok. Visited the King's Palace, Chulalongkorn's Palace, The Old City and Chatuchak market....managed to take some pics before the skies opened up. Was a tad disappointed that Chatuchak market is only "fully" opened on weekends as the place is famous for its bargains galore. Had dinner with guide, kena a few whisky coke and caught zzzzzzzzz's thereafter.

DAY 2 ( Thursday ) - Bangkok - Pattaya
Woke up and buffet breaky ( nothing to shout about ). Proceeded with Bangkok tour of Wat Alun. Had to cross the Choa Phraya river by boat to reach the Wat ( cost RM 0.30 per pax ). Arrived there with loads of Koreans and Japanese tourist....cameras where clicking like hell ( for I dunno wat...what ). Had to pay to enter, so me and wifey spend the time taking pictures from outside and did us some window shopping ( not really into temple thingy ). Had lunch thereafter and proceeded to look for some new headlights for my 2nd wifey ( my chevvy ). Managed to purchase the GM blackened headlights for Thb 7,500 and immediately pushed off to Pattaya. Stopped at a local Gem factory where wifey bought a bracelet which cost RM900 damage to my pocket.

Arrived Pattaya at about 12 noon ( thai time ). Checked in at the A-One Hotel....I was initially put off by the weird sounding name of this hotel BUT was totally blown away by the decor...shit!! I 110% recommend that you guys make a beeline for this hotel if you are ever in Pattaya.....its shaped like a ship....the rooms are called cabins...staffs are dressed like sailors....the rooms are decorated like as though you are in a ship....was worth the moolah spent to get this hotel ( thanks to my Ticketing and Tour Agent, Sedunia ).

Had a chinese styled lunch and proceeded to catch some zzzz's. Woke up at about 3 pm, went jalan-jalan with wifey along the beach and ended up dismissing my VIP guide for the rest of the day..hahahhahaha....reason? below...

While walking, I stumbled across some bike rental dudes...managed to get me a Honda CBR 600 RR series for Thb 800 per day rental. Passed them my international driving licence as collateral and zoomed off to pump in some petrol. Was whizzing around Pattaya like mad on my new toy with wifey hanging on to dear life. Stopped everwhere for shopping.....stop, buy, bag full, go back hotel to unload and off we would go again to repeat the process.

Come night, the beeline was to a place called "Walking Street" can see lotsa funny stuffs and going ons there....Agogo Bars, Gay Bars, Ladyboy bars......fuuuyoooh! Had dinner at one of the bistros served by ladyboys.....damn cuuun I tell you...more cun than a lot of women I know. I actually thought of paying one of them to strip so that I can take her/his naked pic....with thing or no thing....but wifey was objecting like hell, saying that its too gross. Ended up relaxing and listening to live music and kena"ing" quite a number of whisky cokes. The drinks are hell of a cheap cost RM5 per mug, a bottle of Black bout RM120 and a whicky coke is RM13 per shot....shit! Was quite high by the time we got on the CBR and wifey was laughing all the way back to the hotel....on a serious note, I am very happy to see wifey so happy....

DAY 3 ( Friday ) - Pattaya - Bangkok
Checked out and proceeded to the Tiger Show ( real Tigers mind you ) and Noong Nook Gardens ( Cultural and Elephant Show ). Spent about 1 hour each place as we are not too into elephants and cultural shows. Arrived Bangkok at about 7 pm and proceeded to have dinner. Kena a few whisky coke ( again ) at the local bar opposite my hotel and zzzzz's thereafter.

DAY 4 ( Saturday ) - Bangkok - KLIA
Woke up...had breaky and nearly slapped some pondan from China. He berated a poor waitress for not serving him coffe the moment he sat down....shouted until the poor girl cried....shit! Wifey knew what I was going to do ( heheheheh ), I told her to excuse me, got up and parked myself in front of the pondan's face. I told to to shout his gap or I will do it for him......end of the pondan story. Wifey was smiling from ear to ear but I dunno why...I expected to be taruh"ed" kau kau...hhhmmmmm.

Rushed to the local market for some last minute shopping ( again ). Was fully packed by the time the pickup to the airport came. Arrived, checked in and proceeded to the waiting lounge. Reached home about 8.30pm ( flight was delayed ), hug the kids like mad, took bath and parked myself into bed.

All in all it was a superb holiday for wifey and myself despite the notorious Bangkok jam. Had to omit some items to cut post short.

Will be willing to open up over a couple of whisky cokes though....hehehehehehe

2 every1 his/her OWN.....................


marsha said...

damn it, sounds like a damn good time. hate you! :-)

Jamie said...

yup cuz...damn goood time and damn big damage as well...hehehehehe...don't hate me cause I am beautiful...hahahahaha