Monday, July 30, 2007


Ever been caught in the below self explanatory situation? NO? si boh? come on la...admit it need to shout it out loud ma...just a simple YES in the heart will suffice liao ma...muahahaha.

Dialogues ( just in case not clear ):

pic 1 : son playing, mom and dad watching telly
pic 2 : Dad's hand moving up mummy's ahem
pic 3 : Daddy tells son that he has been inside the house all afternoon...time for him to go stand on the balcony and tell them what he see outside
pic 4 : son said "illegally parked car la, police towing it away la.." ( daddy getting BJ )
pic 5 : blah blah blah ( daddy on top of mummy )
pic 6 : blah blah blah ( daddy behind mummy )
pic 7 : son said "the Smiths are screwing" ( daddy and mummy stop prematurely )
pic 8 : Dad asked " how do you know that Billy?"
pic 9 : Billy "cause their son is standing outside on the balcony too"

How? still a big NO? aiyooo...why you all so like this one? For me, its a YES...YES for then, now and I hope forever because there is nothing like a bit of excitement and adventure to keep a relationship interesting and healthy...

There's no beating or changing Human Nature.....hehehhe

Anyway, its 2 every1 his/her OWN.............

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