Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sudan Revisited and Unplugged

Finally....Day 2 in Sudan...still damn poofed out from the trip here....

7 hour flight to Dubai....spent 9 hours of transit time waiting for the freaking connecting flight to Khartoum...thereafter a 4 hour plus flight to this God forsaken hell hole....aarrrggg!

Stepped outta da plane and immediately took a step back...sheeesh! the freaking temp was about 42 Degree C! was sweating like a wet dog in the arrival hall.....what with queing up 1 hour plus just to get my passport stamped and another 1 hour waiting for my luggage......

Luckily my driver was waiting for me by the time I got everything settled......went to a place called Little Asia ( supposedly the best place in town ) for din-din...ordered egg fried rice which cost Sudanese Dinar 4000 ( about RM35 ) and a a glass of orange juice ( SD 1500 = RM 18 )....the food has 2 types of taste over here....bad or damn bad...mine was bad.

Woke up feeling like I drank 3 bottles of Chivas.....went to the toilet but nothing came out ( must have turned hard because of the heat ). Took a shower of hot scalding water cause there are only 2 temp settings here...yup, you guesssed it, hot or scalding hot! maaaan, can feel my balls turning half boiled after about 2 minutes under the shower. Jumped out and finished the bath by wiping myself down with a wet towel.

My driver came and picked me up for the frustrating journey to Ranhill where I was to get some payment for my company. Traffic was as usual.....bad! felt myself pressing the imaginary emergency brake quite a number of times ( just like when my wifey learnt how to drive...hehehehe ) before reaching the place 2 hours later.....chin chonged for a bit, presented my case and left for Emirates to confirm my workers flight home.

Was totally drained by 4.00 pm ( 9.00 pm Malaysian Time )...reached the hotel at 4.30 and managed to retrive some emails before writing this post.....which by know, felt like I have drank 6 bottles of Chivas....

No strength left, enemies are closing in on every quarter, low on ammo and no reinforcements in sight....the only Black Hawk got shot down earlier today.....hafta sign out from Ground Zero now....will continue the report tomorrow if conditions I envy you guys back in BolehLand......zzzzZZZzzzzZZZzzzzz....

2 every1 his/her OWN

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