Friday, July 13, 2007

Ooops! Someone Died...again

Why does all this shit happen to me? Why is that someone always dies when I come here ( Sudan )?

Last time it was John Garang ( PM ) and now its one of their ministers.....I think its the Health Minister. It seems that he/she was assasinated at home yesterday night. Couldn't get any sleep at all because of the blaring sirens in front of my hotel ( please read "On The Road Again" ).

Shit! now I will have trouble getting out fron this hell hole.....Army and Police roadblocks have been tripled. I have been advised to go to the airport as early as possible so that they can take time own sweet time to search my arse.....have to go buy some KY asap. Aiyoooo....forgot that today is Friday and everything is closed in Sudan...there goes my arse!

Its funny that I have not seen any news at all in CNN or NBC regarding this assasination....wonder why is it being kept hush hush? Have to keep looking around my back while writing this post because of the sensitivity of the situation at hand........for all you guys that know me or want to know me...keep an eye out in the internet to see if I appear with the famous words" I don't want to die" before getting my freaking throat slit..hehehehehe...remember to call my wifey as well ( call after that and NOT now ok? ).

As I have said before and I will say again...this is a shit hole of a country! Petronas buggers are being paid USD180 per day to come to this shit hole....happy to sat that I am being paid way much higher than them.....a big fat 200....RM200 per day!!! WAAAHOOOO!!! rich liao la this need to work for life much, so much moolah...what can I do with it?...aaheem..sorry for blabbering out of control guys/gals...aaheem..ok, to continue with my goes..

To tell you guys the truth, its not about the money ( but I wished I could be paid a higher allowance ) that I took up this assignment....its about the experience. Wifey was initially protesting like hell but luckily I managed to explain to her that I was not going to sow my seeds here but just to gain some to sow ones seeds here? the freaking AIDS count is high.Moreover, I wouldn't like a part of my anatomy to be chopped off right? Don't forget that Sudan is an Islamic country and they are very, very extremist in nature.

In spite of that, I can see many changes around here....changes in the mindset of the youunger night you can see people walking around, holding hands and there has been instances that I have seen people "duk duk"ing in their cars ( duk duk = having sex, screwing, f*&king ). It is my sincere hope that Sudan will undergo positive changes in another 10 years or so.....changes for the betterment of her people, for the betterment of their well being, etc.

For now, a few of my colleagues and I have no choice but to face the situation at hand whenever we come.......however, the experiences that we gain of different cultures and eye popping incidences has been great.

2 every1 his/her OWN.......................


marsha said...

oh boy......can you please take care of your throat....for me? blardie hell, I've heard and read about all kinds of nonsense happening all around the world but to be IN IT.....

Jamie, you're family. Please take care of yourself. Money is one is another.

like you, i hope that all these backward countries (religiously inclined) countries will soon grow up. GROW UP!

Jamie said...

thanks and dun worry cuz, I will take care of myself....always have and always will. In fact I am back home safely in BolehLand slit torn arse...hehehehhe