Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My baby got kissed

My baby got kissed.....

Got a call from wifey yesterday at about 7.15pm.....rrrring...rrring..."yes darling, anything?"

"lou kong, a lady in a BMW rear ended your baby"said wifey...
"errrr...are you ok? is the damage bad?" said I
wifey answered.."I am ok but there are some minor scratches on the bumper and the funny looking thing went in"

Was thinking to myself...Ooh Oooooh...funny looking thing? wonder whats that?......"eerrr, can you tell me what funny looking thing are you reffering to? what does it look like?"

"Well, its located in the middle of the on the left and the other on the right...the left one sorta went in" said wifey

Shit! there goes my reverse sensor...."it's big deal..let me speak to the driver of the BMW ok?"

With a super deep voice I said "Hello..I understand that you bumped into my car huh? are you ok? what happened?"

The LADY driver answered in her sweetest voice "aiyoooooo, so soli hoh, I never see you wife bleak woh...very soli hoh"....I was like going TNM " its ok, I also understand from my wife that the damage was minimal with the exception of the reverse sensor"

Leng Lui said "ya loh...your leverse cencor spoil liao ar?" I said "look Miss H, its not fair that I simply ask you to pay me a certain sum right? why don't you let me take my car to the Chevvy dealer and get a quote on the sensor...I will give you a call after that ok?"

"ok loh, we do what you say loh" said LL

Fast forward to today....zzziiiiiiiiiieeeut

"Hello Miss H, got the quote and my sensor replaced....cost about RM120" I told her
"waaah, so expensive wan ar? this sensor flom USA ar?" said LL

TNM cha me from USA meh "No lah, this is the price they quoted me la.....its ok if you don't want to pay cause its no big deal la" said mua

"ok la, ok sms me your bank account la...I bank in for you hoh? can ar?" asked the LL
"okie dokie...sms after this call and thanks ( kaninaweh...have to thank her somemore..tiu!)
"another thing hoh? I report to police liao because I want to claim insulance woh" said the LL
"INSURANCE? why?" I asked her
"aiyoooooo...u dunno meh? my car sarong and 2 big lamp pecah liao laa" screamed the LL


Anyway, the price of the sensor was only RM30...the extra RM90 was charges for causing inconvenience to me...HAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA...BMW woh!

Aiyoooooo.....MH forgot to charge her for letting me scoot like a mad dog to the police station to make a report within 24 hours....shit!

2 every1 his/her OWN............


marsha said...

why u so bad wan? charge extra???? but she probably won't miss the 120 she had to pay. did she bank in or not????

Jamie said...

yup...banked in liao as of this post..hehehehe...fat tat loh!!