Sunday, July 08, 2007

Transformers 2007- Their War, Our World

Took my family for the show at one of the local kids were like "who are the Transformers Daddy?" "we think the Power Rangers are better super heroes Daddy", etc....I couldn't and didn't know how to explain who is who....I just told them to watch the movies first and I will try to elaborate along the way. The best part was the audience.....more than 70% were in the age group of 30 and above...there was even an Ah Pek who brought his wife along for the show, chatting at the top of his voice about his favourite Transformer....hehehehe

For most of us, Transformers is a childhood cult.....many a times I was arguing with my brothers on who is going to be Optimus Prime, Megatron.....

In my opinion, this show is THE SHOW ( a beauty by DreamWorks, Micheal Bay and Steven Spielberg ) of 2007...nothing will come close....not Spidey 3, not Pirates and I doubt that Die Hard 4.0 will come close. The Transformers : Its all about Good versus Evil....Autobots versus Decepticons...Optimus Prime versus Megatron...

Name : Optimus Prime
Function : Autobot Commander
Vehicle : Peterbilt Truck
Tech Specs :
"For thousands of years, OPTIMUS PRIME and his AUTOBOTS have traveled through space in search of the Allspark. For all that time, the AUTOBOT leader has held one goal in mind- to protect the universe from the evil of MEGATRON. For this massive, metal warrior, nothing is more important than freedom; he will sacrifice all for its preservation. He has fought for centuries, modifying his body into an unstoppable war machine, preparing for that day he knows is coming when he and MEGATRON meet for one final battle!"

Name : Ironhide
Function : Weapon Specialist aka Prime's bodyguard
Vehicle : GMC Topkick 6500
Tech Specs :
AUTOBOT weapon specialist and old-fashioned warrior, IRONHIDE is the big stick that backs up the soft steps of OPTIMUS PRIME. Paint scarred and chrome chipped by shrapnel from hundreds of battles, he is the oldest of the AUTOBOTS. His right hip is a mass of bypasses and temporary solutions, his power core and timing system are irregular, and his idle is set way too high; but his optics are the sharpest on CYBERTRON, and his cannon arm is as steady as ever. OPTIMUS PRIME relies on him for tactical advice and a cool head. As long as they keep making missiles compatible with his cannons, he'll keep fighting, until every last DECEPTICON is a smoldering wreck.

Name : Bumblebee
Function : Guardian of the human called Witwicky
Vehicle : Chevrolet Camaro ( 2007 )
Tech Specs :
Sent to Earth by OPTIMUS PRIME ahead of the other AUTOBOTS, this tough robot’s job is to do what he does best: gather information, find the keeper of the secrets of the Allspark and remain hidden. BUMBLEBEE works best in silence and solitude, acting as an unseen guardian over his assigned target. Don’t let the fact that he likes to remain hidden fool you though – when it comes to a fight, he rushes in, both plasma cannons blazing!”

Name : Ratchet
Function : Team Medic
Vehicle : Hummer H2
Tech Specs:
AUTOBOT RATCHET is devoted to saving life, no matter what form it takes, and no matter where it is. Every AUTOBOT has had his Spark preserved at least once by him, and more than one DECEPTICON has opened his optical sensors after a mortal blow only to find AUTOBOT RATCHET welding shut the final incision. He joined up with OPTIMUS PRIME not because he wanted to be a soldier but because he believed the AUTOBOTS presented the last, best hope of preserving life in the universe against the evil of the Decepticons.

Name : Jazz
Function : Lieutenant
Vehicle : Pontiac Solstice
Tech Specs:
Jazz picked his sports car form because it is the epitome of style. If there is one thing that he digs about Earth...its the human culture. Always first into a fight and never backs off.

Sorry, about not writing anything on the Decepticons ( Megatron, Barricade, Devastator, Starscream, etc ) afraid that blogger won't support too huge a space..hehehehe ( pls log on to for more details and downloads )

My kids were pestering me to go to Toys "R" Us after the movie because they wanted to buy the scale models of Optimus, Jazz, Ratchet, Bumblebee, the whole lot! thats what we call advertising and merchandising huh? No doubt that Transformer The Movie will earn big bucks...what with the show and the spin off from the merchandise sale.....

For me ( and my wallet ), its a nightmare but shhhhhhhhh...I just bought a leadership scale model of Bumblebee ( who is my favourite character )....dunno why, maybe its because he is a Chevrolet Camaro and I drive a Chevvy...hehehehehehe.

Would really recommend the show to all who is feeling young and also the young at heart...take leave, take MC, take EL, whatever....just go see the show and lambast me afterwards if its not good.....

but remember, its 2 every1 his/her OWN.............

LONG LIVE THE TRANSFORMERS...More Than Meets The Eye......


genius said...

i want to watch transformer also but cant get the stupid ticket T_T

Jamie said...

very sorry to hear what happened to your car bro especially on the way to watch The Transformers....that sucks!!!

Hope you catch the show next it online at

GSC does not allow booking...dunno why..