Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Life and Times of A Lorry Driver

A typical day for me ( a lorry driver ) is as below….I sometimes wonder how and where I can find the time to wrestle with wifey…..sigh….

6:00 am – Bangun pagi, gosok gigi, cuci buntut, pakai baju ( wakey wakey, go toilet to brush teeth and wash my ass ), then change into lorry driver work wear.

6:30 am – Try to get the kids up for school

6:45 am – Still trying to get the kids up for school. Wifey wash them, cloth them and feed them breaky.

7:15 am – Accompany kids downstairs to dad’s car for school.

7:30 am – F.O. from house for breaky with wifey at coffeeshop

8:30 am – Drop off wifey at office in Shah Alam ( lorry driver no money to get an additional car )

8:50 am – Should have reached site by now ( depends on the stooopid traffic on Jalan Puchong…ptui )

*** Toll cost is RM 4.90 thus far ***

9:00 am – Start work by looking thru paperwork for the day before

11:30 am – Pop 2 panadols into mouth cause no chance to shit yet until now. Review daily MDL status thereafter.

12:00 noon – Try to slot in a post in blog prepared the day before. Lunchy break thereafter.

1:00 pm – Back from lunch and start looking thru today’s pile of shit ( documents ).

4:00 pm – Will generally finish thru today’s pile of shit by now. Pop another 2 panadols because still no time to shit.

4:30 pm – Go to Construction cabin for a discussion with the boys in regards to the day’s activities.

5:00 pm – Back at DC for final check on documents for the day.

6:00 pm – F.O. balik rumah cause don’t want to do overtime ( very difficult to explain why...I am not lazy but its too fucking leceh la )

7:00 pm – Pick up wifey from her office and home thereafter

8:15 pm – Reach home, kiss the kids, go mandi and dinner thereafter.

*** freaking toll is near RM 10.00 per day...ptuuui***

8.30 pm – Playtime with the kids ( kena bully by them on the Playstation..will generally end up wrestling with 2 of them )

9:00 pm – Revision time for kids ( wifey tutor ). I go lepak in front of telly.

10:30 pm – Lights out time for kids

11:00 pm – Chat with wifey ( this is a must everyday )

11:30 pm – Type post for blog ( using Microsoft Word...easy to copy and paste the next day)

12:00 am – Will generally knock off about this time

So, that’s an example of my normal day….an abnormal one will include wrestling activities with wifey ( as and when permissible ), drinking session with mates/customers ( on call 24/7 ), futsal ( Thursday ) and yam cha ( Saturday )

How is your typical day by the way?

2 every1 his/her OWN………………..


marsha said...

wah your typical day is really.....decently typical, man! mine is a bit chaotic. may blog that later

Jamie said...

what to do cuz...I am a typical family man liao ma..no more the weirdo ( maybe a bit la ). Looking forward to your post on your "typical day"...

genius said...

i seldom go back at 6, but will try it and make it as a habit.

Jamie said...

u cannot go back at 6 cause u got mid year increment 99 wan ma...kekekeke

Judy said...

Lorry driver not that poor lah. I know cos when all my uncles lived in my maternal grandfather's house, they had two or three lorries also. :)

Life is good and if your own business hor, your time is yours. My uncles used to come home for lunch.

Nowadays, I think lorry drivers know how to 'tan sai kai' more! :)

You are a good husband.

Jamie said...

Judy: Thank you, thank you, thank you...

Sometimes I feel the need to let go of my work and "tan sai kai" more. My bosses are getting too bloody rich with the efforts put in by my colleagues ( notice I didn't include myself? )