Monday, July 30, 2007



The word "hangover" is very, very famous among the drinking circle...mentioned that word and you will get lorry load full of comments. Below are examples of comments that one might hear..........

from drinkers :
- aiyooo...I understand how that feels....
- take it easy bro
- pop a panadol and get some rest dude
the list goes on and on

from non drinkers ( wifey in particular ) :
- see!...already told you not to drink ma...
- HAIyoooo.....don't complain la
- I cannot help you. If can also I won't
- you better not show you temper to the kids!!
- go drink some more...good for you
- hangover? you can get hangover meh?
- nag nag nag nag
the list is longer than the one above

I normally won't get a hangover unless:
- I mix my drinks like hell
- I drink too bloody much

But I have found a few "so called" remedies which can help prevent hangovers.....take note that the word used is PREVENT and NOT cure:
1) Drink 1 or 2 cans of isotonic based drink after a drinking binge BEFORE going to sleep.
2) Consume Vitamin C ( minimum 500 mg ) before going to sleep ( for this I prefer Sandoz C 1000 mg )
3) Do step 1 + 2 for super overloaded and "kau kau" drinking sessions
4) Eat 2-4 tablets of Actal BEFORE any drinking sessions

I doubt if the above has been scientifically tested or proven BUT I guarantee that it will lessen if not PREVENT dreadful hangovers. Thats why I always keep a few cans of 100 Plus or Excel Isotonic drinks in my car and at home.

Actually learnt this from one of my brothers ( thanks Simon ) and the pub chicks ( the ones that pour your drinks )...hehehehehe. Out of curiosity I asked them how the hell they can tahan drinking everyday without any hangover....nabeh..have to persuade like a dog before they were willing to tell me their trade secret.

Believe or not to believe its entirely up to oneself but its better to try and find that it might not work on you THAN TO HAVE YOUR GF OR WIFEY NAGGING AT YOU FOR "OVER" DRINKING....PLEEEEEEEEEEASE TRUST ME ON THIS.....btw, I am still having a dreadful hangover as of this post ( didn't do any of the above steps last night...f*ck!! )

2 every1 his/her OWN................


marsha said...

nabeh???? ha ha ha ha ha....have not heard that one in a long time. I've gone cantonese for so long leh. Thanks for getting hungover over me! muaks! luv ya!

by the way, your hamsem pix is up on my blog.

Jamie said...

the pleasure is all mine cuz...and thanks for the invite. I saw my hensem pic that call hensem meh...aiyooooooo